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Professional dry-cleaning of all carpets

“The Cleaner” company provide dry-cleaning of carpets and floor coverings in Moscow. This is the effective way to remove different types of dirty spots from carpets and to bring them original appearance. Moreover it is necessary to dry-clean the carpets in order to prevent allergic diseases.

You can order dry-cleaning services of carpets at our factory or use a service of cleaning carpets in-home by competitive prices.

We have all the necessary equipment and professional detergents effectively removing both usual and problematic spots. If you choose cleaning of carpets in-home we come at any time suitable for you.

Our specialists make dry and wet dry-cleaning of carpets as well as drying process. We select detergents from good reputation foreign producers which not only effectively clean carpets or coverings but also keep its natural colour.

You can choose additional services such as flavouring of carpets and covering with protective composition which makes service life of items longer.

You can order inexpensive dry-cleaning of carpets and any carpet coverings: from wool, viscose, silk, cotton, animal skins on glue or latex base.

Please refer to Price-list to see prices for dry-cleaning of carpets.

Our specialists can help you to calculate exact price for dry-cleaning of your carpet. You can also order services of windows washing and professional cleaning of flats. Please call: +7 /495/ 508-57-86

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