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Windows and shop-windows cleaning services: fast and effective

“The Cleaner” company provides services of professional windows and shop-windows cleaning in flats, shopping centers, offices and other objects by inexpensive prices in Moscow.

We make windows cleaning in a quality manner, without blotchiness and promptly even at high altitude by means of industrial alpinism

To achieve better results “The Cleaner” company always uses certified professional chemicals for cleaning glass surfaces, quality protective compositions, up-to-date technical facilities and equipment and together with different types of sponges and brushes.

Thank to careful work we always manage to delete dirty spots, be it windows cleaning, dry-cleaning or any other cleaning works.

Windows cleaning stages:

  • before start cleaning our specialists choose necessary chemicals and equipment taking into account kinds and degrees of dirty spots on windows
  • then cleaners start cleaning frames of windows using non-damaging chemicals
  • then our specialists clean the windows from complicated spots (paint, silicone, glue and others) by means of blade and special chemicals
  • then the basic cleaning is made using cleansing detergents
  • After this the soap solution is moved away from the windows and the glass surface is carefully dried. The rest moisture is removed by special equipment to avoid blotchiness
  • In the end of cleaning our cleaners treat out-of-the-way places (accessories, profile items and cornice)

Please call +7 (495) 508-57-86, to specify the price of windows, balcony and shop-windows cleaning as well as the quotation for office dry-cleaning  

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